I've no knowledge of CM's Singapore visit, says Kiran Bedi

I've no knowledge of CM's Singapore visit, says Kiran Bedi Puducherry, Nov 8 (PTI) Lieutenant Governor ofPuducherry Kiran Bedi on Friday said she has no information onChief Minister's and Minister's travel abroad.

The Chief Minister V Narayansamy, accompanied byIndustries Minister M O H F Shah Jahan and chairman of theIndustries Development Corporation R Siva, MLA, is currentlyon a visit to Singapore to hold discussions withindustrialists to attract investments to the Union territory.

She said in her whatsapp message that she came to knowof the trip through media reports and added that the ChiefMinister was on a private visit (to Singapore) but was doinggovernment work while on such a visit.

'Everyone in the government should seek prior approvalof the appointing authority as per the rules,' she said.

'For the Chief Minister and other Ministers ofPuducherry, the President is the appointing authority. It isnot known if the Chief Minister had taken permission for hiscurrent visit and also for the visits in the past,' she saidadding that 'Information about his travels abroad was mostlyknown through media reports or rumours.' Bedi said this applies to the Health Minister MalladiKrishna Rao who is known to make frequent visits to Sri Lanka.

'The government of India should also know who ishosting the Chief Minister and the Ministers and funding whilethey are on a private visit. It is also a question of securityof the state and also of the Chief Minister and hisministerial colleagues.' As an administrator she said she was dealing withdepartmental cases and public servants.

'When an official went abroad without priorpermission he or she has been charged with penalties aspunishment and treated as an act of indiscipline,' she said.

She said she had been compelled to report in the caseof visits by Chief Minister and Ministers to Government ofIndia toremind them of the protocols and the processesrequired for their foreign travels, official or private.

Bedi said, 'In the interest of security, I have beencompelled to report this to the government of India with arequestto remind Chief Minister and other Ministers of theprotocols applicable for their visits and to follow the dueprocesses required for their foreign travels, private orofficial.' PTI CORNVG NVG