ITTx’s Tranche 1 Pre-Sale Sells Out Within Hours

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– Tranche 1 of the ITTx’s pre-sale sells out within hours amidst market excitement over exciting new developments in October and early November.

– Company in talks with 7 major exchanges with regards to the ITTx Token’s IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

– Infinite Tech Global Limited in talks with a number of commercial institutions with a view toward establishing partnerships that entail the use of ITTx tokens for payments.

– Infinite Tech Global Limited announces plan to set up country office in South Korea.

– Company’s management looking at institution of a per investor cap for pre-sale subscriptions of ITTx Token.

Infinite Tech Global Limited wrapped up a particularly eventful month of October and started November on an extremely positive note with the ITTx’s 1st tranche pre-sale sold out within a time span of hours.

The ITTx’s strong Tranche 1 pre-sale performance can be attributed to a series of major developments with regards to the future development of its blockchain ecosystem.

Some of the more notable developments include news that the company is in talks with 7 major exchanges with regards to the ITTx token’s IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) as well as upcoming partnership agreements with commercial establishments regarding the use of the ITTx token for payment purposes.

Industry sources have indicated that the 7 exchanges currently in talks with Infinite Tech Global comprise of major exchanges with large, global base of users and that at least 4 out of the 7 exchanges have been particularly keen on conducting the ITTx Token’s IEO.

On the market and community side, Infinite Tech Global Limited has continued to push forward with its expansion plans into the South Korean market, announcing plans to set up a country office in Seoul.

Strong market interest in the ITTx Token and its blockchain ecosystem has also seen Infinite Tech Global Limited’s client base as well as users of the Infinite Wallet hit an all-time high at the start of November. This increase is expected to persist and to see further acceleration in the months ahead as good progress continues to be made with regards to the ITTx Token’s launch and the development of its ecosystem.

In fact, market players expect community size to more than double by the end of November in view of the number of major developments at Infinite Tech Global Limited with many expecting the potential market for the ITTx Token to stand at over 3 million members worldwide.

Such positive market sentiment has also led to concerns that speculators might come in to take advantage of the situation and Infinite Tech Global Limited’s management is currently looking at instituting a per investor cap for pre-sale subscriptions of ITTx Token in order to ensure price stability of the ITTx Token.

In summary, the upcoming months are expected to be extremely eventful for Infinite Tech Global Limited and we should definitely stay tuned for more exciting updates in the next couple months ahead as the company develops its business and blockchain ecosystems where the ITTx will play a key role.

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