ITC's Fabelle launches world's most expensive chocolate

Fabelle Exquisite, the premium chocolate brand from ITC, on October 22 launched the world's most expensive chocolate - Fabelle Trinity Truffles Extraordinaire. Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, the home-grown luxury chocolate brand from ITC Ltd, acclaimed for creating unparallel chocolate experiences in the country and has taken the Indian luxury chocolate market to newer and greater heights. The one-kilogram box of the limited edition Fabelle Trinity Truffles Extraordinaire is priced at 4813 GBP (approximately Rs 4.3 lakh). The chocolate has been co-curated by France's lengendary Michelin Star chef Philippe Conticini. This range brings alive the cycle of life represented by the Creator, Nurturer and Destroyer in a box of unique handcrafted truffles, each representing a concept. The limited edition offering will be encased in a unique, hand-made wooden box, each containing 15 truffles, each weighing approximately 15 grams. The made-to-order box will be available at an indulgent price of INR 1, 00,000 (inclusive of taxes).