Italian nurse proposes to girlfriend using his PPE kit

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Italian nurse proposes to girlfriend using his PPE kit
Italian nurse proposes to girlfriend using his PPE kit

03 Jan 2021: Italian nurse proposes to girlfriend using his PPE kit

Love will perhaps always find a way even in the time of a raging pandemic.

Proving the same, a touching incident from Italy has come to the fore, where a male nurse proposed to his girlfriend using a little help from his head-to-toe protective clothing.

A Facebook post has gone viral that shows the big question written on the back of the nurse's gown.

Details: 'Carmeli, do you want to marry me?'

In the Facebook post, the nurse named Giuseppe Pungente shared a picture of himself standing in a corridor of the respiratory ward of the Ostuni Hospital in Puglia, with his back turned to the camera.

The message (written in Italian) on his protective gown read, "Carmeli, do you want to marry me?" along with the options "Yes" and "No" penned underneath.

Details: 'YESSSSSSSSS,' wrote his girlfriend

In his post, Pungente wrote that as nurse involved in the fight against the coronavirus, "I have developed the idea that real life is made of small and simple things. Such as close friends, birth family, and the one of the future, together with you, Carmen Pinto."

One of the comments below on the post was Pinto's, who wrote, "YESSSSSSSSS," followed by heart emojis.

COVID-19: Pungente contracted COVID-19 last year, recently got vaccinated

Pungente had himself contracted COVID-19 at the beginning of the outbreak in March 2020, and recently got vaccinated for it, Italian media reported.

Meanwhile, Italy, one of the worst-affected countries in the outbreak, has thus far reported 21,41,201 coronavirus infections and 74,985 deaths due to it.

Across the globe, the pandemic has sickened 8,50,51,629 and claimed the lives of 18,45,130.

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