Istanbul, London then Milan: Safaee's journey with VOCE Model Management

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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Istanbul, London then Milan: Safaee
Istanbul, London then Milan: Safaee

01 Nov 2020: Istanbul, London then Milan: Safaee's journey with VOCE Model Management

Originally from Daikondi, a small city in Afghanistan, Amer Safaee came from a poor background and became the well-established entrepreneur that he is today.

He started his career without any financial support and experienced many hardships in his early life.

But, he never lost faith and rose to become a business tycoon, and has since made his mark in this world.

Here's his story.

Bama Group: His first business venture was the company called Bama Group

Even while pursuing a bachelor's in IT and Technology, Amer wanted to create his legacy.

So, he set out toward his first business venture.

After completing his Masters in Business Administration, he started a company called Bama Group that helps businesses to protect their digital data.

Soon his company became successful and was expanded to 10 more countries including Germany, UK, Turkey, Tajikistan, etc.

ZAZZ: He then entered the fashion industry with ZAZZ Management

Amer also wanted to make his mark in the fashion industry, so he started a new business venture called ZAZZ Management.

This company was a huge success and soon expanded to five more countries.

After his success in the fashion sector, he wanted to explore it more which led to another venture, focused on the beauty aspect of the industry.

VOCE: VOCE Model Management agency is Amer's latest venture

Recently, Amer started a new business in the area of model management with the name of VOCE Model Management.

VOCE Model Management is a fashion model management agency that helps models to start their professional careers.

The company has become popular in Turkey, and London and Amer plans to expand it in Milan and Paris in the coming years.

Agency goal: This agency is a platform for models from all ethnicities

VOCE Model Management has a single goal of helping different models from different ethnicities reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Here, models from all religions, races, colors, and body types have access to a safe and professional platform to develop confidence and personality.

VOCE Model Management ensures a healthy relationship between clients and models to create multiple opportunities for every party.

Success: Has determination and confidence to tackle failure and overcome it

Amer has achieved success in business due to his keen mind and attitude.

He thinks that smart decisions and taking risks are the stepping stones for creating a successful business empire.

Amer also believes in being honest with the work ethics and motives to achieve a bright future.

Like all successful people, Amer has the determination and confidence to tackle failure and overcome it.

Mantra: To be successful, don't work all the time, believes Amer

Amer also helps budding entrepreneurs by guiding them, and encouraging them to take time out from work to enjoy life.

He believes that to be successful, you don't have to work all the time.

Relaxing and having a good time when you need it, is also necessary.

Overall, Amer is the perfect example for showing that anything is achievable with hard work and determination