Israel Reports Another Coronavirus-related Still Birth as 36-week-old Foetus 'Dies' of Covid-19

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Coronavirus pandemic keeps bringing a string of one bad news after another. In the latest Corona-related horror, a foetus has reportedly died due to coronavirus in Israel. The baby was a still-born and the woman was infected with the virus at the time, and the foetus was later tested to show it was infected as well. This is the second time a foetus has died due to the virus in the country. However, the hospital (Meir Medical Centre) maintained they cannot confirm that death was directly because of the virus or not.

The woman was in her 36th week of pregnancy. She was rushed to hospital last weekend due to corona-related illnesses. Another woman, in her 25th week of pregnancy, was rushed to the hospital following a coronavirus infection. She also had a still birth and the foetus was discovered to be carrying the virus in a post-death report.

“The fetus was infected through the placenta and with a very high degree of certainty, it died due to coronavirus,” said Dr. Tal Brosh. He is the head of the Infectious Disease Department at the Assuta Hospital in Ashdod.

Another doctor, Dr. Yossi Tobin, from maternity ward at the hospital, said since the foetus was infected in-utero, the probability of it dying due to the virus increases.He said the case is rare as babies usually get infected after birth — aftercoming in contact with the mother externally. They called it “intrauterine infection of the foetus, which can cause placental infection and death.”

Israeli health ministry said pregnant women should get vaccinated on a priority basis. This came after a number of expecting mothers reportedly fellill. Many of them had to delivery premature babies via caesarean-section.

The United States of America based Centers for Disease Control also notified in a statement that pregnant women should be permitted to receive the vaccine. They said such women were at increased risk of “of severe disease or death from COVID-19.”