Ishqbaaz 22 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Shivaay-Omkar Save Anika And Gauri?

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In Ishqbaaz 22 September  2017 episode we see that Anika and Gauri get stuck in the village where they went to attend a marriage ceremony. They then realized that the bride is getting married to a very old man and she is stuck in the age old traditions. They find out that she’s even unable to escape and will be forced to marry him. Anika and Gauri decide to help her but the villagers know about their intentions and the try to catch them. Anika and Gauri both tried to call Shivaay and Omkar and tell them about the situations in the village but they fail to do so. Shivaay doesn’t pick up the call and Omkar thinks that since they are on a break, he should avoid Gauri’s phone calls.

Anika gets an idea and she makes the bride escape. She then dresses herself as a bride and decides to go to the mandap.

Meanwhile In the Oberoi house Svetlana gets into a tusstle with Janvi once again. She tells Janvi that she has the painting which has all the secrets anout the Oberoi house. Janvi says but the key which opens up the painting is with them and she will not be able to do anything. Jhanvi and Tej team up and force Svetlana to run away from the Oberoi house but instead of running away Svetlana goes to Pinky and asks for her help. Initially Pinky refuses and says that she has stopped trusting people but Svetlana tells her that they both are lonely and if they could team up, they could do really well for themselves. Svetlana manages to take some money from Pinky and tells her that if she will need more she will ask for it.

Rudra and Bhavya get stuck at railway station.  Bhavya finds an old acquaintance of hers. He was the same person who proposed to Bhavya in college and she refused. She recalls that she was the one who beat him up and insulted him publicly. Her friend asks Bhavya and Rudra to come to a farmhouse near by and stay with him. Bhavya doesn’t show any interest in going to the farm house but Rudra doesn’t understand the situation and insists on going. When they reach the farmhouse one of the men diverts Rudra by asking him to play a basketball match. Bhavya’s friend and a few other men trap her in a wash room and harass her. Fortunately Rudra comes in time and saves Bhavya. She gets angry with Rudra and asks him to grow up. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 20 September 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Bhavya Come Back To Rudra?)

Meanwhile inside the village Gauri finds out that it is Anika who is sitting as a bride in the mandap. She picks up her scooty and asks Anika to run away and come sit with her. She manages to make Anika escape but the groom and his men start following them.