Ishqbaaz 16 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tej Fools Shivaay And Returns Back From The Airport

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In Ishqbaaz 16 October  2017 episode we see that  Tej, Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi leave for the airport. Shivaay also leaves for Goa to follow them and decides to find out the truth about Kalyani mills. Tanya decides to know where Shivaay is going so she also follows him to the airport. Anika dresses herself in a burqa and follows Shivaay to make sure that he is alright. Meanwhile Rudra is alone in the house and feels that he needs a vacation. He calls Bhavya and asks her to come to the airport. He says that they will be going to go out for a little vacation. When everyone reaches airport Shivaay feels that Anika is somewhere near him. He looks at a lady dressed in a burqa and knows in his heart that she is Anika. Anika looks at Shivaay dropping some medicine, so she picks it up and put it in his bag. Shivaay’s doubt gets confirmed and he asks Anika what she is doing at the airport. He holds Anika’s hand and Anika starts speaking in a different dialect. She says that her husband is in the washroom otherwise he would have created a big scene.

Tej and Shakti decide that they would mislead Shivaay and make him go to Goa. Shivaay keeps following them and boards the plane. Tej says that they need time to find out about the person who is using the tapes about Kalyani mills

He tells his family that Shivaay has been keeping an eye on them and they need to mislead him to be able to buy some time to sort things out. As they come out of the airport, Tej tells everyone that they will be going to the hospital to meet Shukla. The hospital staff calls Abhay and inform him that Shukla has been making some movements. The nursd tells Abhay that these are signs of improvement and he should come and see the patient.(ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 13 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Anika Wears A Burqa And Decides To Chase Shivaay To Goa)

Abhay reaches the hospital and once again threatens Shukla that if he will open his mouth about the tapes then he will be the one losing his life.  Suddenly Tej and Shakti also come and Abhay hides behind the curtains. Tej again and again asks Shukla about the tapes but Shakti tells him that Shukla is unable to speak and won’t be able to give him any hint about the man who took those tapes from him.