Ishqbaaz 14 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: How Will Rudra And Gauri Stop Anika From Getting Engaged To Vikram?

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In Ishqbaaz 14 August 2017 episode we see that Bhavya gets worried thinking about the fact that Shivaay could have died in the accident. She thinks that she is endangering the lives of all the Oberoi family members just by staying with them. Gauri and Rudra try to console Bhavya and ask her to concentrate on the more important things. Gauri narrates her plan to stop the engagement ceremony of Anika and Vikram. All of them try to find out the reason why Vikram is helping Anika.

Rudra and Gauri go to Vikram to talk to him about the engagement. They ask him the reason why he is helping Anika and request him to take a step back. Vikram tells them that he is also feeling very awkward and will back out. Anika also goes to talk to him and he promises it to her that he will not get engaged to her and will tell everyone that he is not intending to marry her. Anika expresses her gratitude and says that she can’t think of any other man except Shivaay and it is best that she fights her own battles. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 11 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Will Anika Not Tell Shivaay That She Loves Him?)

When Gauri, Anika, Rudra and Bhavya sit together and discuss how good a man Vikram is, suddenly he comes and asks Anika to get ready for the engagement. They get surprised to see that Vikram is still here. In reality Vikram stopped because Ragini asked him to but in front of everyone Shivaay comes and says that he stopped Vikram from going to Delhi and breaking Anika’s heart.

Shivaay still hopes that Anika will tell him the truth and will not get engaged to Vikram. He gets shocked to see that she is ready in a beautiful dress, all set of get engaged to Vikram. Gauri decides to play a trick and stop the engagement.

Meanwhile Tej and Jhanvi spend some quality time together in Manali. Jhanvi keeps thinking about the person who was supposed to recieve them at the house but never showed up. She starts to think that the house is haunted. Suddenly she looks at a man standing in the corner of the house. When she enquires, he is the same person who takes care of the house. He turns out to be her ex-lover and a new set of problems come to her life.(ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 10 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Is Shivaay Really Dead?)