Ishqbaaz 11 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Shivaay Gets Insulted And Thrown Out Of The Oberoi Mansion

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In Ishqbaaz 11 December  2017 episode we see that Rudra breaks down in front of Shivaay and says that he promised that he would never leave the side of his brothers. Shivaay asks him to be strong and says that he has to take care of everyone while he is gone. Shivaay says that he blames himself for the condition of Tej.

He says that right now Tej and Jhanvi are angry with him and once they will know the truth and understand the things a little better, he will come back. Pinky starts crying in front of Shakti and says that he has to make sure that Shivaay understands. She holds her hands and begs to him to stay and not to listen to Jhanvi. Shivaay says that he will fulfill his promise and will leave the Oberoi house.  He tells Anika that she has to take care of his family members while he is gone. Anika says that she is a typically middle class wife and she will do exactly what other wives have been doing. She says that she can’t stay in this mansion without him. She says that she is coming along with him because that is the only way she can make sure that she is happy.

Tiya talks to Tej and tells him that he needs to make sure that she doesn’t take any of the property papers or Anika’s jewellery with them. She says that if Shivaay will leave in such a way then it would be a loss to them rather than being a profit. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 8 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Janvi Asks Shivaay To Leave The Oberoi Mansion)

Before leaving Anika starts to give the keys of the Oberoi house to Gauri but Pinky stops her. She says that it is because of Tej’s family that Shivaay and Anika are leaving the house. She says that if anyone has to keep the keys then it would be Shivaay’s mother. Jhanvi comes and stops her from keeping the keys.  They all start to fight and the keys land up in Shivaay’s hand. With tears in his eyes, he moves towards dadi and keeps the keys in her feet.