Maths Teacher in Haryana Loses Job After His 'Love Equations' Go Viral

A Haryana professor's passion to explain the very difficult subject of love through mathematical equations has earned him a suspension letter. This, after videos of him teaching at a government college for women went viral on social media.

According to reports, the professor in question, Charan Singh was delivering the lecture at a Karnal college in Haryana when he was discreetly recorded by one of the students in attendance as he shared the "love formulae" with them.

In the now-viral video, Singh can be seen explaining the difference between closeness, attraction, crush, and love and the students giggling in the background.

Here are the few lessons Singh gives in the Ishq Wala Love lecture.

1) Closeness - Attraction = Friendship.

Apparent explanation: When the husband and wife grow old, they turn into friends. While they remain close, physical attraction eventually fades away. That's friendship.

2) Closeness + Attraction = Romantic love.

Apparent explanation: The husband and wife initially have "closeness" and "attraction". If either ingredient goes away, the "romantic love" will fail. If the "closeness" reduces despite feeling "attraction" towards your partner, there will be a physical relationship with no "closeness".

The two will stay together for only one purpose but will have regular quarrels, for there will be only "atrraction" and no "closeness".

Couples in other countries change houses, vehicles, and even partners if any of the ingredients go missing. But in India, husband and wife stay together regardless of not having either "closeness" or "attraction" for each other but it is good for their children.

3) Attraction - Closeness = Crush.

When there's an "attraction" but no "closeness," we get crush. "Crush" is a strong feeling. You can have a crush on anyone instantly.

You can watch the video here: