Ishna Production donates INR 5 lacs to PM Cares Fund

Mr. Pritesh Zatakiya, Founder of Ishna Production, announced that he has donated INR 5 Lacs to PM Cares Fund to help the nation in managing and combating coronavirus.

'Globally, we are living in a state of emergency. As an Indian, I feel it is my moral and national duty to come forward and help my nation in any way I can,” says Mr. Pritesh Zatakiya 'I am glad to contribute to the PM fund because my contribution will help in preventing the spread of coronavirus in India. NRI people do not contribute to India by way of tax, and they should at least donate funds when our country really needs it. We should keep in mind that whenever there is an emergency out of India, the Indian government acts immediately to help the citizens without asking for any funds. They use the taxpayers' money to rescue people who don't pay any tax. So during such an emergency in India, all the NRIs should come forward and show their support.” says Mr. Zatakiya Global coronavirus cases have soared to over a million as the pandemic explodes in many parts of the world, the death toll continues to climb in India, US, and many other countries.

As per the latest, the deadly virus has infected more than 3.85 million people worldwide. The total Coronavirus Cases have crossed 56,000 in Indian as on May 8th, with total Deaths being 1,890.

There are 117 countries and territories that have reported more than 100 cases, 50 with outbreaks of more than 1,000 and seven that have reported 50,000 or more cases of COVID-19.

The global death rate now exceeds 5% of all reported cases, with countries such as the United Kingdom, India, the United States, and Spain reporting an increase in the number of deaths in recent days.

The Govenrment of India had recently announced that the ministry will facilitate the return of Indians stranded abroad due to the Covid-19 pandemic in a phased manner.

Releasing a press statement on the issue, the government said, 'Government of India will be facilitating the return of Indian nationals stranded abroad on compelling grounds in a phased manner.' Indian citizens that are stuck outside will be brought back to India via aircraft and naval ships. As per sources, a standard operating procedure (SOP) has been created for the same.

Scientists in India and all over the world are working around the clock to learn more about COVID-19 and to create a vaccine.

Mr. Pritesh Zatakiya says, 'We need it to protect our health workers, the most vulnerable, and all of our friends and families. I extend enormous gratitude and strength to the brave first responders, health professionals, and scientists who are working to protect our communities, those who suffer, and our most vulnerable.' Originally from Mumbai, the 30 year-old entrepreneur has contributed to various charities. Mr. Pritesh Zatakiya and his team at Ishna Production have also contributed towards helping needy people by providing ration to more than 100 families in and around Mumbai. Mr. Pritesh and Ishna Production has also been regular support by giving Ramadan kits to the Muslim community.

Entrepreneur like Pritesh set an example for all others, especially NRIs. Pritesh’s actions will encourage others to come forward and help the nation. PWR PWR