Isha Sharvani believes 'love will happen at right time'

New Delhi, Dec 2 (ANI): Isha Sharvani, who has earlier dated Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan, has opened up about her love life asserting that she doesn't have to find her dream guy, as she will meet someone when the time is right.

"I am not religious. I don't believe in any god as such. My mother is a Hindu, my father is a Buddhist, but I am not religious. But, I do keep a lot of faith. So, maybe I believe that when my time will be right, then someone will come," the gorgeous dancer said.

"I don't have to find him. It will happen. I will meet someone and he will be the right person," she added.

The 28-year-old dancer and actress seemed to be quite practical, as she doesn't keep any pre-conceive notions about her soul mate.

"Why should I close my mind? If I will think before only that he should be like this or like that, then if my right guy will be infront of me, I will not identify him because in mind I will have notions that he should be rich, fair, tall. So, in t his case, my right guy will be there with me and I will not notice him. I don't think like this. What will be right for me will come," she said.

The beauty will be next seen in her upcoming movie named 'David' which will be directed by Bejoy Nambiar. (ANI)