Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal engagement: How much will a couple's trip to Lake Como cost?

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Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal engagement: How much will a couple's trip to Lake Como cost?

Lake Como is the top choice for celebrities across the globe.

With Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal's engagement ceremony slated to take place at Lake Como in Italy, all eyes are on the scenic venue. Located in Italy's Lombardy region, Lake Como has been a retreat of choice for aristocrats, businessmen and wealthy people since the Roman times. In recent times too, Lake Como has been the abode of global stars like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, David Beckham, Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones.

It has been the venue for some high-profile celebrity weddings, including Chris Smalling and Sam Cooke's. According to reports, Deepika Padukone and Raveer Singh are also planning to tie the knot at Lake Como.

But that's all about wealthy personalities. What about the common man? How much would one need to save up to experience the same exotic locales at Lake Como? If one wants to visit the place with his or her partner, then this is how much they will have to shell out:

Airfare: The nearest airport to Lake Como is in Milan. A return trip for one individual from Delhi to Milan will cost anything from Rs 34,000 to Rs 48,000. If the dates kept in mind are October 31, 2018 and 4 November, 2018 - factoring in only a weekend - then one may have to spend anything up to Rs 44,000. So, two return trip tickets from Delhi to Milan are going to cost a person around Rs 84,000.

Train to Lake Como: The best way to travel from Milan to Lake Como is onboard a train, soaking in the exquisite vistas. Two train tickets from Milan to Lake Como will cost anything from Rs 1,600 to Rs 2,000. It will, like airplane tickets, depend on different factors including timing and duration. Let's assume it will cost around Rs 1,800 for two people.

Stay: This is, perhaps, a very good news as there are accommodations available at affordable rates if you are willing to stay at home-stays or hostels. Hotels are available from around Rs 4,000 to Rs 45,000 per night. Let's pick a reasonable range that would also offer all the needed amenities. Such options could come up to Rs 16,000 to Rs 25,000 for two nights. Some hotels may also want you to deposit a certain amount as security that will be fully returned to you when you check-out. So, a reasonable option would come up to Rs 20,000.

Food: Lake Como offers some really good options from pizza to sea food. Any foodie would love to try what the Italians have to offer. Moreover, the vineyards at Lake Como would entice you to try a glass of fine wine. However, food available at Lake Como is on the steeper side. Let's factor in around Rs 15,000-Rs 20,000.

Other expenses: Travelling within Lake Como and visa expenses are other major amounts that need to be factored in. According to VFS Global, a visa to Italy costs around Rs 4,800, which will be Rs 9,600 for two people. Public transport at Lake Como is very convenient, highly recommended and not very expensive.

So, a trip to Lake Como will range anywhere around Rs 1,35,000 for two people for the weekend, not factoring in stay-over in Milan, if necessary.

(Edited by Anwesha Madhukalya)