Irrespective of Religions, How Muslim Organisations in TN Help Perform Covid Protocol Funerals

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In Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district, the members of Muslim organisations help burying or cremating bodies of those who die from Covid-19 with safety equipment, regardless of their caste or religion. In Coimbatore alone, so far more than 250 Corona victims have been buried by the members of these Muslim bodies.

Members of various Muslim organisations, including the Tamil Nadu Muslim League, the Popular Front of India and the Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath have been involved in the work. According to the Popular Front of India, 75 bodies have been buried so far on behalf of the organisation.

The members make sure that volunteers follow the government guidelines to carry out the burial or cremation with necessary safety equipment on a rotational basis, and to conduct the procedures only after conducting the precautionary classes.

More than 50 bodies have been buried in Coimbatore on behalf of Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath. The organisation has also stated that they will not accept any financial assistance too.

Similarly, the Tamil Nadu Muslim League said that 138 Corona victims have been buried in Coimbatore so far and that they are cremated according to their religious rites. The Tamil Nadu Muslim League has also stated they get money for burials from those affluent and don’t expect money from the poor. They also demanded that it would be convenient to bury or cremate the corpse of the Covid-19 victims if the government provides a JCB machine, bleaching powder, PPE kit, etc.

These oraganisations think "burying of corpses of the Corona victims is equivalent to serving God".

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