Pay Gap Between Female and Male Cricketers Has Caused Outrage on Twitter

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    cricket is a tough game in nature and our indian women's are playing excellently than men and BCCI has double standards which is not at all acceptable
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    poor and happy person
    i never watched a single womens cricket in my life
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    Prasad Dandapani
    There is no need to discriminate Men and women cricketers separately. Just include the appropriate names, both men or women, in already existing grades based on their cricketing capability and commercial value. If necessary add more grades.
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    hari krishna
    Everyone knows Men's team is generating revenue for BCCI rather than Women team. BCCI has taken a wise decision. It's like IPS officer vs Constable, will you question why constable is getting less pay?
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    all said and done, womens cricket is at the level of junior boys cricket esp. wrt bowling and fielding. they dont draw the crowds that men's cricket does, even if that means men currently lose more % of matches than women. so they have to live with it.
    and yes - i was a decently quality 1st div cricketer - so i know what im talking abt
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    Equal pay is for equal work. I find even in tennis, both men and women prize money in big tournaments are no wequal due to protests by women. But women pay only best of 3 sets where as men play best of 5. To me that means women prize money should be 60% of men's at best. Equality is based on performance and should not be a birth right.
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    Do women cricketers HONESTLY believe they are equal in talent and performance to men cricketers? (Men have earned their right to get more by performing well, with star appeal, large audience and huge advertising fees in MEN's CRICKET)
    Take tennis. Most women's matches upto semi final are 6-1 6-2 (best of 3) over in minutes. Male audience goes to see chest, derriere and long legs not tennis. Even women who want to seriously see tennis watch men's matches. Why they deserve same as men who slog 2/3/4 hrs EACH ROUND?
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    its double stander-ed of our society,wake up ........
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