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Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Not Recognized By Irish Student, Makes Him Wait For A Table At A Restaurant

Irish PM Leo Varadkar waited patiently for a table at the Chicago restaurant where he was not recognized by the Irish student and waitress Emma Kelly.

Sometimes when we see a celebrity or a leader in real life we struggle to place him or her and often fail to recognize them. Something similar happened to an Irish waitress in Chicago. However, it was not some lesser known celebrity but Ireland’s Prime Minister or Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Leo Varadkar has been Taoiseach for only two months and few would expect him to be so well known in America but the fact that he was not recognized by another Irish person is going a little too far. It’s like an Indian fail to recognize Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But that is what actually happened at a restaurant where Leo Varadkar was made to wait for his turn at the table by the Irish waitress Emma Kelly because she did not recognize him.

Leo Varadkar who is of Indian origin is the first openly gay Prime Minister of Ireland. Emma Kelly the waitress is an Irish student on a work visa to Chicago failed to recognize her country’s Prime Minister. Emma Kelly first asked Leo Varadkar whether he was Irish and then asked him and his friend to wait at the bar before leading them to a tiny table. The 20-year-old Emma Kelly took to Twitter to share her embarrassment on making the Irish Prime Minister wait. Donald Trump made Irish PM (Taoiseach) Leo Varadkar wait on the phone to compliment a female journalist’s smile! (Watch video)

Emma Kelly asked the Taoiseach whether he was Irish

Her mistake left her embarassed

Emma Kelly shared her picture with Leo Varadkar

Her embarrassment is profound

Emma Kelly realized her mistake when her friend pointed out that it was the Taoiseach whom she had kept waiting for a table. She told The Irish Times, “They wanted to sit outside so I told them they’d have to wait. Then I was like ‘oh hey, are you guys Irish’ and they were like ‘yeah’.” Later on realizing her mistake she went up to Leo Varadkar to apologize. She said, “He thought it was funny but actually was like it’s nice being treated like a normal person.”

Leo Varadkar even replied to her tweets on Twitter

It’s nice to see a Prime Minister being civil and considerate about the social etiquette and usual norms. Leo Varadkar is of Indian descent; his father is an Indian Hindu while his mother is a Catholic. Leo Varadkar’s response is also worth applauding especially when we have lesser politicians and leader creating havoc every now and then when they are not recognized and given proper seating arrangement at any function. It’s time people learned from such world leaders.

(Article Edited By – Vandana Srivastawa)