Iraq Baby Boy Born with Three Penises in First Such Recorded Case in Medical History

Buzz Staff
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A three-month-old baby in Iraq’s Duhak has gone down in history for having three penises. This is the first recorded case in medical history. The baby’s parents brought him to the clinic because they believed that the infant had a swelling in his scrotum. That is when the doctors discovered that the baby had two more penises growing from his scrotum. While one seemed to be growing near the root of his primary penis, the third one could be seen growing under the scrotum.

The condition is called Triphallia. The incident took even the doctors by surprise because such a case is rare. The case is even stranger because the baby was not exposed to any drugs while in the womb nor does the boy’s family have a history of genetic anomalies.

A research paper written by Ayad Ahmed Mohammed and Shakir Saleem Jabali in the International Journal of Surgery Case has shed light on this case.

“Triphalia is an unreported condition until now. It affects one in every 5-6 million live births. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case with three penises or triphallia,” the paper read.

The baby had to undergo surgery and his two extra penises had to be removed because they lacked an urethra.

In 2020, TimesNow reported that a baby had been born in Egypt with two fully functioning penises. Unlike the baby in Iraq, the Egyptian boy’s penises were connected by urethra. He also had two scrotums. He had one testicle each in the two scrotums. He was born with a rare disorder called caudal duplication syndrome (CDS).

The doctors said in their research paper that failed separation of monochorial twins could explain this anomaly. At the time, doctors were planning a staged repair when the baby turned sixteen months old.

In 2019, a baby in Russia had to undergo emergency surgery after birth because he was born with two penises, three legs and no anus. His mother had refused to undergo an abortion. The baby is believed to have been a twin that did not develop properly. It was reported that the baby would live a normal life after undergoing multiple surgeries.