Iranian dissident injured in knife attack in Netherlands

Amsterdam [Netherlands], June 21 (ANI): A 64-year-old Iranian dissident has been grievously injured in a knife attack in the northern Dutch city of Leeuwarden.

The Arab News quoted a local newspaper as saying that the suspect, 38-year-old Iranian national living in Rotterdam, has been arrested.

"We see that several videos of this incident are being circulated on social media," police said in a statement. "We ask you not to re-share them."

The police further said that though the victim, Sadegh Zarza was stabbed repeatedly, he is expected to recover soon.

According to a local newspaper, Zarza, had fled Iran in the 1980s and is currently serving on the board of a Dutch organization that is critical of Tehran.

This incident comes in the backdrop of the European Union ordering sanctions against Iran in January 2019 after France, Denmark and the Netherlands said that Tehran had plotted attacks in Europe, including political killings of Iranians living in the Netherlands in 2015 and 2017.

However, Tehran has denied any involvement in the alleged attacks. (ANI)