Ira Trivedi Clarifies 'Miss You, Kiss You' Expression by Releasing New Emails Sent by Chetan Bhagat, Files Legal Notice

Team Latestly

After author Chetan Bhagat released alleged "miss you, kiss you" emails of writer columnists Ira Trivedi, she has exposed the emails that were sent to her by Bhagat. As #MeToo movement gained strength in India, Trivedi had accused Bhagat of sexual harassment earlier this month. In response, he shared screenshots of personal emails that Trivedi sent which in which she apparently wanted to "kiss" him.

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Bhagat termed all the claims "false" saying "these motivated, fake attacks is abhorrent and the sickest thing a person can do". Following which Trivedi has now sent a legal notice to Bhagat seeking an apology. In the notice, Trivedi has alleged that the author and outraged her modesty by trying to kiss her without consent in 2010. She also states that she was shocked to know about Bhagat's tweets and termed them 'defamatory'.
Here is what Bhagat had tweeted:

Bhagat had shared a screenshot of a 'self-explanatory' mail which apparently Trivedi sent to him in 2013. He tweeted alongside saying, "So who wanted to kiss whom? @iratrivedi’s self-explanatory email from 2013 to me, especially last line, easily shows her claims from 2010 are false, and she knows this too. This mental harassment of me and my family has to stop. Please don't harm a movement with #fakecharges #harassed."

Here is the trail mail:

Emails by Chetan Bhagat to Ira Trivedi (Photo Credits: Ira Trivedi)

The author in the defamation also demanded the removal of the "defamatory statements" made on social media. She has asked Bhagat to "explain the truth and correct position" to media which carried his statement, within 10 days of receipt of the notice.

She has also mentioned that if he fails to issue an explanation within the mentioned time phrase. Trivedi had also accused author Suhel Seth of harassment. In a video, she told The Quint that 'miss you kiss you' was a figure of speech. She said, "Yes Mr Bhagat, I dodged your 'k' question, like I dodged your kiss, like I dodged your many passes, like I dodged your bad behaviour."