Who is Iqbal Meer Sharma?

Iqbal Meer Sharma is not a name that you would readily recognise. But after the tiff he had with Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan yesterday at a restaurant in south Mumbai that may no longer be true.

The former Deputy Director General of South Africa's Department of Trade and Industry, Iqbal Meer Sharma is currently the chief executive officer of Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA).

The South African businessman of Indian origin was allegedly punched by Chhote Nawab Saif Ali Khan at the Japanese restaurant Wasabi at south Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel, while Sharma and his family were dining.

Sharma was allegedly at the receiving end of the blows from Saif Ali Khan and his coterie. The South African businessman alleges that Saif was angered because of the multiple requests that Sharma made, through the service staff, asking the actor and his friends to lower their voices and allow Sharma and his family to enjoy their meal in peace.

In an interview with NDTV, Sharma narrates the events leading up to his final altercation with Saif, which eventually left him with a broken nose, and his father-in-law with a bruised face.

Saif's victim speaks out