IPL 2020 saw record rise of 28% in viewership

Rajdeep Saha
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IPL 2020 saw record rise of 28% in viewership
IPL 2020 saw record rise of 28% in viewership

12 Nov 2020: IPL 2020 saw record rise of 28% in viewership

The just-concluded 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) saw a record-breaking 28% increase in viewership compared to last season.

Unstoppable Mumbai Indians won a record-extending fifth title beating Delhi Capitals in the final on Tuesday.

The delayed 2020 edition was held from September behind closed doors in the UAE due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the details.

IPL 2020: Most games watched by an average viewer

After 50 games had completed in IPL 2020, Disney said it registered a 26 per cent consumption growth across six weeks.

Meanwhile, the IPL 2020 edition also marked the most games watched by an average viewer for any 60-game season.

With the completion of the event, the last 10 games added another two per cent viewership to 28 in total.

Fact: Viewership numbers much higher than last season

"IPL 2019 had 326 billion minutes consumption (TV only); this year's IPL has already surpassed that mark with just 50 out of 60 games," Disney India had said recently.

IPL 2020: IPL 2020 delivers high viewership

According to a report in The Hindu, Nandini Dias, CEO, Lodestar UM said, with people living indoors amid the pandemic, IPL 2020 delivered high viewership and reach than all previous editions of the tournament.

"For the first time, we are seeing huge surge in viewership from overseas as well, turning IPL into a true global event," she said.

Advertisers: IPL 2020 also recorded the highest number of advertisers

In terms of advertising, IPL 2020 went on to smash the records.

The report stated that Star Sports had 18 sponsors and a total of 110 advertisers on board - by far the highest number of sponsors and advertisers in the history of IPL.

Meanwhile, Disney + Hotstar, had more than 230 advertisers this year, the highest number of advertisers on IPL ever.

Fact: MI and RR had launched digital initiatives

IPL teams like Mumbai Indians and the Rajasthan Royals launched digital initiatives to connect with fans. MI launched ''MI Live'' and ''Paltan Play'' and RR ran a community-based programme called ''Super Royals''.