IPL 2019 RCB vs KXIP: ‘Missing’ ball inspires plenty of jokes on social media

The hilarious events started laughing riot online.

In an incident that had everyone puzzled, the ball went missing during the game Wednesday between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab. That happened after a batsman hit it out of the stadium, and the ball was briefly ‘lost’ after the umpire put it in his pocket and forgot.

A timeout was called after 14th over during the RCB's inning, but after the timeout, the ball was nowhere to be found. KXIP bowler Ankit Rajpoot who was set to bowl was baffled as he tried to find the ball. He asked all his teammates and the umpires, but there was no trace of the ball.

The game was temporarily held up and a match official even arrived on the ground with a box of balls to pick a different one. That’s when on-field umpire Chettithody Shamshuddin discovered that he had the ball in his pocket.

At the end of 13th over, Murugan Ashwin had given the ball to on-field umpire Bruce Oxenford, who handed it to Shamshuddin. After the end of timeout, Shamshuddin didn’t remember that he had kept the ball in his pocket.

Soon the hilarious moment started a laugh riot online and people couldn’t stop cracking funny jokes about it.

In the match, AB de Villiers hammered 82 runs in 44 balls as Royal Challengers Bangalore posted a mammoth total of 203 for Kings XI Punjab to chase down. RCB picked up their third straight win this season as they defeated visiting team by 17 runs.