iPhone XI first picture is out, finally an iPhone with triple rear cameras? May be

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iPhone XI first picture is out, finally an iPhone with triple rear cameras? May be

iPhone XI leaks in a picture that shows the phone with triple cameras on the rear panel, paired with LED flash and also a microphone. While it is possible the iPhone XI, likely to be launched in September 2019, will have 3 rear cameras, the leaked image is ugly.

Apple launched three new iPhones -- iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR -- not so long ago. And now it looks like that the Cupertino major is already prepping for the next generation iPhones that are expected to be launched around September 2019. Before the launch of 2018 iPhones, the most anticipated question was the name of the iPhones. Similar could be the case this year. But looks like the name of one of the iPhones -- we assume there will be more than one iPhone this year -- launching this year has been revealed. It will be called iPhone XI (iPhone 11). At least that's what a newly leaked rumour and the newly leaked photo of the purported iPhone 2019 suggests.

Rumours suggest that Apple will go out of its way to make the upcoming iPhones much special and better than ever before. This is what Onleaks, who tweets out information related to unreleased phones on Twitter, has suggested as the account shares a photo of the purported iPhone XI. The first picture of the iPhone XI, supposedly a render-based on the information leaked to Onleaks, suggest that the Apple's iPhone for 2019 will come with 3 rear cameras.

Now, this is good news for iPhone fans. But if the leaked image is accurate, there is bad news too for them. If this is the design the iPhone XI is going to have then we must say that it looks ugly. It looks as if this time around Apple is drawing inspiration from Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The leaked picture of the iPhone XI reveals that the new iPhone will come with triple rear cameras paired with LED flash. The placement of the three cameras is also something to look out for. The three rear cameras are positioned inside a square on the top left corner of the back cover. Though different, some might find the arrangement of the three cameras and the LED flash little odd. The cameras and the LED flash are squeezed into a square. Not just that the microphone is also fitted inside the same box which overall makes the design look a little cluttered. But Onleaks did mention that the upcoming iPhone(s) is still at the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage, which means that this isn't the final design and is subjected to change before the final release.

The picture shows the iPhone XI in black colour. It only reveals the top portion of the rear panel with the camera setup. Below the camera set up the Apple brand logo. There's no revelation of the front panel of the iPhone XI but we expect Apple to shift from the traditional wide notch to a waterdrop notch, maybe? But the picture does reveal that the Apple iPhone XI will come packed with a glass panel like the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the previous generation iPhones. Of course.

The new leak also revealed that like last year, in 2019 too Apple will launch three iPhones. One of the three iPhones launching this year is said to be the iPhone XI. Going by the tradition Apple could call the second iPhone as iPhone XI Max. While the third one is expected to succeed the iPhone XR. The launch of the new iPhones in 2019 will be in September, and if it is somewhat late then in early October. In India, the iPhone 2019 aka iPhone XI should arrive a few weeks after the global launch.

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