This iPhone case is revolutionary! Adds dual SIM, wireless charging, Android OS, second screen and more

Sami Khan
Eye - Smart iPhone case

Forget all the iPhone accessories you've been seeing till now and trade in for this exceptionally cool smart iPhone case called Eye. Still a Kickstarter project, the idea behind this iPhone case makes so much sense compared to all your glittery cases and battery packs sticking at the back of your iPhone.

We understand the daily hustles of an iPhone user. Battery life and shortage of storage are two of the most common complaints we get, which Apple tried to fix with the iPhone 7 series. But what if there is a way to tackle both issues without spending a fortune on the next upgrade.

An Israel-based startup ESTI started this Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get Eye to full time production. The smart case works for iPhone 6, 6s, 7 series and the company has even assured that future models will also be supported a month after their launch.

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Why is this iPhone case such a big deal?

Eye smart iPhone case practically adds an Android smartphone at the back of your iPhone. The iPhone case comes with 5-inch Full HD AMOLED Always-on display, a microSD card with up to 256GB storage, a 3.5mm audio jack (we know how badly you miss it in the iPhone 7), dual SIM card slots, NFC, IR blaster and a 2,800mAh battery with wireless charging support.

Eye - Smart iPhone case

Kickstarter/ Eye

This second screen, which is another smartphone on its own, runs stock Android 7.1 Nougat, making it a lot simpler for those who want to switch between iOS and Android with a swap. If you are a selfie lover, you can take the perfect Portrait shots from the iPhone 7 Plus' rear camera by using the second screen as viewfinder. It's basically using the advanced rear-facing cameras of the iPhones as front cameras.

Eye - Smart iPhone case

Kickstarter/ Eye

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In case you are wondering, the Eye connects to your iPhone using the lightning connector. In case you are running short on storage, quickly transfer your data to the microSD card inserted in the Eye's memory card slot at 130MBps speed.

If you feel a bit outdated with the whole wired charging process, try Eye's wireless charging support to power both your iPhone and the smart case; any Qi charger will do.

Eye - Smart iPhone case

Kickstarter/ Eye

Eye may support dual SIM cards, ending your woes to carry two or three phones. It doesn't have speaker or microphone. Instead, the case uses iPhone's speaker and microphone for phone calls.

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It must cost a fortune, right?

With all these features, that's what anyone would think. But you are wrong. If you back Eye's Kickstarter project, you can fetch yourself a case for just $69 as part of Super-early bird offer. Sadly, the offer just ran out. 

Early bird offer can get you a standard Eye variant for $95 and the 4G LTE version for $129 on Kickstarter. Once the product hits the market, it will cost $189. Shipping is expected to begin in August this year and you can place your orders from anywhere in the world.

Source: Kickstarter

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