The Invisible Man (2020) Movie Review – Buckle Your Seat Belt As It Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Ketan Gupta

There have been innumerable movies made on H.G Well’s Invisible Man but none could be as interesting as the recent one. Though the trailer of The Invisible Man could be just ordinary but after watching the movie, you will feel good about it.

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Probably his best work since Upgrade (2018), Leigh Whannell takes the old wine in a new bottle but gives a sparkling storyline with a solid twist. The Invisible Man begins with just an ordinary tale of a psychopathic husband who stalks his spouse until she decides to fight back but the captivating and eye-popping scenes is what makes this film stand apart from other Invisible Man films. I was blown by few scenes – Cecilia unknowingly killing her sister at the dinner table (probably one of the best scene I have seen in recent times), Cecilia throwing a bucket of paint to identify the Invisible Man as she peeps down from the loft , the chase scene at the hospital scene and finally the climax scene which had a twisted and might have borne a sequel.

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I did not find much loose ends as I felt the film keeps you on your toes throughout which proves that writing (also by Leigh Whannell) was strong. Technically, The Invisible Man boast of decent art direction and cinematography but it is a solid performance of the star cast, especially Elisabeth Moss who strikes the right balance between emotional and the fight scenes.

Overall, The Invisible Man is definitely a very good watch which will keep you glued to screen for 2 hours 4 minutes – Highly recommended 3.5/5

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