Introducing Brent Clayton, the Modern-Day Fire Service Recruitment Expert

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Any profession that saves a human life is considered noble, and so is firefighting. The job of a firefighter is very daunting and dangerous. It involves life and health risks each day. When one signs up for this humanitarian service, they have to be fearless about their own lives and feel responsible for others' lives. They should have the 'me before you' attitude to perform their job diligently.

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In a world that is turning selfish with each passing day, it is difficult to find such compassionate individuals. They are the first responders of an accident scene and always have to be prepared for any kind of uncertainty. One of these lion-hearted personalities is Brent Clayton. He is an Australian Fire Service Recruitment Expert and the founder of Fire Recruitment Australia. He has over 12 years of field experience and has trained professional firefighters and aspiring individuals to become firefighters.

Duty. Honor. Community.

Serving as a firefighter is one of the most loyal public-serving duties. Despite having their own families and loved ones to care for, the firefighters wake up each day with the spirit to protect the community and save lives. They are driven by empathy and love for their community and are fueled by the spirit of helping others.

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Born on March 03, 1984, Brent Clayton was influenced by the people who served the community. Before becoming a firefighter, he worked in the military and then as Prison Guard for a number of years.

Working for his passion made Brent a dedicated firefighter. He provided his services to Fire Brigades in Australia and Emergency Management Victoria. His profound experience in the field has made him a sought-after speaker and social commentator on firefighting recruiting and emergency management.

Having achieved so much, Brent saw a void in the market regarding exceptional firefighting training and learning activities and so laid the foundation of Fire Recruitment Australia in 2009. Brent had a strong background in all the fields that were dependent on the selection and recruitment process. And so, he mastered the art of being skilled at recruitment in all it’s dimensions. He himself became a successful candidate in extremely competitive job markets where many failed. Initially, he created the Firefighter Recruitment Bundle, a complete guide for people to train themselves for the selection process. He then started one-on-one training for aspiring individuals. Slowly and gradually, as Brent's experience and skills worked like a charm for many trainees, he launched his full-fledged membership website and testing platform.

Brent knew the struggles and pressures one has to go through while applying for the highly contested position of firefighter. He is aware of the tough competition that there exists as there are on average only 20 positions per intake, and one has to have that spark and edge to be selected as one of the 20. Selecti0n and recruitment is a tedious process, and failing this first step can be extremely discouraging. At the time Brent introduced his services, there were not many firefighting training and selection sessions. Through his organization, he wanted to save the attempts of the people applying for the position and help them realise success by giving applicants the best chance they could possibly have by being as prepared as possible saving them potential years of failure.

The recent bushfires in Australia and Amazon had shaken the world. The uncontrollable fire killed many people and the endangered flora and fauna. The loss of innocent souls had awakened the conscience of many. Being an expert, Brent shared his views on this bushfire; he says, "Australia is experiencing high-temperature records. I'm a firefighter, not a ­scientist, so my view is about what I see on the ground. Having fought fires for more than a decade, time and time again, fires hinge on just three things: fuel, weather, and topography. Topography covers natural and artificial features on the land."

According to Brent, people have shown a keen interest in being a firefighter as he has seen a surge in the number of applications. In addition to being an active firefighter and fire recruitment expert, Brent has also written a book on firefighting named Fire Services Recruitment: The Process to Success, first published in 2012.

With personalities like Brent Clayton, there is hope that the world still has compassionate and community-loving people. His growing business and people's increasing interest in giving back to the world will soon make him a force to be reckoned with!