Intracity and State-wide Bus Services to Remain Suspended in Ahmedabad during Weekend Curfew

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The Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) and the city's bus rapid transit system (BRTS) will remain closed for the duration of a 60-hour curfew in the city from 9:00 pm tonight to 6:00 am on Monday, AMTS chairman Atul Bhavsar said on Friday.

Making an official announcement, Bhavsar said that buses to and from Ahmedabad, which connect 300 places in Gujarat, will be suspended during the curfew. The intracity bus service will also be closed from 8pm.

Special buses to airports and railway stations will operate if the government issues due instructions, the chairman said. "Even in the last lockdown in Ahmedabad, we started services to and from the railway station and the airport," Bhavsar added.

Following the announcement of the curfew, residents of the city were seen resorting to panic-buying, fearing a full-fledged lockdown. Long queues extended outside vegetable markets and supermarkets, despite the government's clarification that lockdown will not be imposed in the city.

City authorities had on Thursday announced that a curfew will be imposed over the weekend to control the spike in number of Covid-19 cases. Only shops selling milk and medical stores will remain open during the curfew, they had said.