An internship of travelling and tasting beer; here are a few of the coolest jobs in the world

Sriparna Ghosh

How often have you felt the need to chug down a pitcher full of good craft beer, but the big hole in your pocket or the thoughts of working the next 'whole' day didn't permit you?

But imagine getting paid for not only drinking beer, but getting to go around the world to taste beer.

A Florida-based craft beer bar chain, World of Beer, has advertised for three people to travel around the world and drink beer for them. The three-month internship over the summer will pay the employees $12,000 and even sponsor their travel expenses.

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Besides travelling and tasting beer, they will also have to document their experience through blog posts, videos and photos on the company's social media pages. People of 21 years of age and authorised to work in the United States have to apply by March 26.

World of Beer

According to The Sun, Terry Haley, the company's CEO said: "World of Beer was established with the belief that great beer and beer stories have an inordinate ability to connect people and create lasting memories."

"Our Drink It interns embody this belief as they document their journey through craft beer culture, to offer a fresh and highly personal perspective to the craft beer community," he added.

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But getting paid to travel and taste beer is not the only cool job in the world. Here are five of the coolest jobs in the world.

  • Professional panda huggers
Panda huggers

How many times have you gone 'awww' over videos of baby animals clinging to their caretakers. Often, right? China's Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre pays employees $32,000 a year to cuddle with, feed clean, and play with adorable baby pandas. And the only qualifications that you need are — being 22 years old, have a basic knowledge of pandas, be able to write and know how to take pictures.

  • Professional sleeper
Professional sleeper

YouTube screengrab

How many of you struggle to come up with ridiculous excuses just to stay in bed and not go to work? Most of us. But getting paid to sleep is indeed a profession as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) pays $18,000 for 70 days of staying in bed, sleeping and giving your feedback.

  • Water slide tester
Water slide tester

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How does a job that includes the words water, fun and slide sound like? With a salary ranging from $17,000 to $56,000, all a water slide tester does is, put on his or her swimming costume, take various trips down the slides in various amusement parks and even hotels and then make a report on various parameters like height, speed, water and landing to give customers the right dose of adrenaline rush.

  • Chocolate tasting

Being paid to taste chocolates and not paying for them is another cool job which fetches you $54,000 a year. One such lucky person is Alex Emerson White of Marks & Spencer. He travels around the world and eats chocolate every day to source out the best ingredients for their Easter egg production.

  • Personal Ferrari shopper

Going around the world to inspect Ferraris and buy multi-million dollar classic Ferraris for client is yet another cool job. Marcel Massini is one such man who gets paid millions of dollars, euros and pounds to do shopping. All you need to do is own expertise in the field of Ferraris.