Internet Overuse Puts You at Risk of Cognitive Decline: 5 Ways to Reduce Internet Addiction

Kriti Saraswat Satpathy
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Internet Overuse Puts You at Risk of Cognitive Decline: 5 Ways to Reduce Internet Addiction

Cut down your internet consumption for your mental health using these tips. With time, you will feel better and less anxious.

According to a study released by Etiologically Elusive Disorders Research Network, overuse of internet can put people can risk of neurocognitive dysfunction that largely comprises issues like anxiety, stress, OCD, irritation and more. These days, almost everyone with a smartphone in hand is hooked to the internet and invariably ends up spending a lot of time surfing the net. But the problem is real and in order to break the cycle, one needs to take conscious steps for their mental well-being. Here are some tips to reduce your internet addiction. Take a look.

Have a no-phone zone at home

A difficult task to follow but if you want to break this habit, having a no-phone zone in the house is worth it. Dedicate one part of your house where you do not step in with your phone. It can be bedroom as well so that you do not have your phone in hand before you go to bed.

Go net-free for a few hours every day

When you consciously make an effort, you will realize how much time you spend looking at the screen browsing online. You can use one day to calculate your total time and next day onwards, decide to lower this time every day.

Talk to someone when you feel like surfing the net

Most of the times we browse the net because we don’t have anyone to talk to or we are just used to staring at the screen. We often have an urge to do so every few minutes. In order to avoid it, call or talk to someone face-to-face and you will forget about browsing the net.

Go for a lesser internet data pack

Whether it is your phone or your laptop, choose a pack that does not give too much data and once you exhaust this quota for the month, do not renew it before the next month. This could be tough but it will surely help cut down your consumption.

Have a no-internet day

Inform your friends and loved ones that once a week you won’t see their messages or social media beforehand and then have a no-internet day. It could be the weekend or a work day if your job permits. Don’t touch your phone except for calls or switch on your laptop and you will soon cut down the time of internet used.

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