Internet is Floored By Why Aged Man Never Visited Son Abroad

Devis Chiramel’s father had been refusing to visit him in Bahrain for years now. And he found out why only now. 

A Facebook post by an NRI from Kerala who works in Bahrain has gone viral, and people are applauding him for his love and respect for his father.

Devis Devassy Chiramel, a resident of Manama, has been inviting his father to visit him in Bahrain for years now, but his father always politely refused. It was only recently that he found out why.

Devis’s father, who has always lived in a village, has never worn any footwear. He always wears a mundu (a version of a dhoti) and is not comfortable with pants. And when his son invited him abroad, he was afraid of embarrassing Devis in front of his friends by not wearing shoes.

But Devis managed to finally convince his father – and just as the trip started, he got rid of his own footwear and has switched to wearing the mundu as well.

“Today, we are going to Bahrain, and till my father returns from the Arab land (sic), I, too, will not wear shoes or pants. I will only wear the mundu,” Devis wrote in an emotional Facebook post.

Sharing a photo of his father and mother from the airport on the way to Bahrain, Devis wrote: “I love my father without footwear. I have invited my father to Bahrain several times, but he always lovingly refused. My mother has visited me thrice, but my father never came. It was only in December last year that I came to know the reason.”

He added:

My father is a farmer from a village in Kerala. He has never worn footwear or pants in his life. So, my father thought that I may get ashamed when he meets my friends in Bahrain without footwear and wearing a mundu.

In the emotional post, he further added, “It is because of the blood spilled from my father’s bare feet as he walked through the hills and jungles that I could achieve something in my life.”

“It is painful to walk barefoot, but it is a bittersweet pain. I understood the pain parents endure for their children only when I became a father myself,” he wrote. “Instead of offering flowers at the tomb of our parents, let us give them flowers in their hands while they are alive.”