International Yoga Day 2020: How to Download and Send The Best Stickers on WhatsApp

The world will be celebrating International Yoga Day on Sunday, June 21. However, this year the celebrations of the day may not be as usual due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To celebrate the spirit of the Yoga Day you can send greetings to your loved ones through dedicated WhatsApp stickers. These stickers are not only easy to send but are also short and colourful which breaks the monotony of long text messages.

WhatsApp comes with inbuilt stickers that are rolled out by the brand as per the occasion, but in case you want more variety, you can download third-party apps like etc.

For sending International Yoga Day stickers through Android device follow these steps:

-Open WhatsApp -Go to the chat window of the person you want to send the sticker too -Tap the emoticon icon on text bar -Hit the sticker icon -Click on ‘+’ symbol and you will be taken to sticker library -Go to the option named ‘Get more stickers’ -You will be taken to the Play store from where you can download more stickers and can easily add to your sticker library.

To send Yoga Day 2020 stickers through iPhone:

-Open on WhatsApp -Now, go to the text bar -Click on the sticker icon -Tap the ‘+’ icon in sticker library -You will be directed to all stickers options that are available for International Yoga Day 2020 -If the concerned pack is available you can download and use.