International Tea Day: Most expensive teas in the world

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International Tea Day: Most expensive teas in the world
International Tea Day: Most expensive teas in the world

21 May 2021: International Tea Day: Most expensive teas in the world

For most of us waking up to the perfect cup of hot chai is the idea of perfect mornings. However, for many others, where tea is considered a prized possession, it's more than just an everyday beverage. There are exclusive tea boutiques that cater to these connoisseurs. Today, on International Tea Day, we look at some of the most expensive teas in the world.

Number 1: Da-Hong Pao Tea - Rs. 7.3 Lakh a pot

Considered the holy grail of teas, the Da-Hong Pao tea, grown in the Wuyi Mountains of China, is the most expensive tea in the world. With prices shooting up to Rs 7.3 lakh a pot, it is a type of Oolong tea that dates back to the Ming dynasty. Furthermore, the making of Da Hong Pao remains a tightly guarded secret by the Chinese.

Number 2: Tieguanyin Tea - Rs. 2 lakh per kg

Tieguanyin is another Oolong counterpart and is a distinctive blend of green and black teas. The tea has its roots in the Fujian province of China, and dates back to the 19th century. Apart from its flavor, what makes this one sell at Rs. 2L/Kg is that the leaves can be re-used for seven times before they lose their flavor and turn sour.

Number 3: India's own: Silver Tips Imperial Tea - Rs. 1.3 lakh/Kg

The Silver Tips Imperial is harvested at the Makaibari estate of Darjeeling. What makes this tea special is its harvest, where experts carefully pluck the leaves on full moon nights under optimal harvest conditions. It is said that the tea has flavors of mango and frangipani. In 2014, it became the most expensive tea in India, when it was sold at Rs. 1.3L/Kg.

Number 4: Gyokuro Tea - Rs. 10.7 lakh per kilograms

Gyokuro tea originates from the Yame and Uji regions in Japan. The tea is a variation of green tea and has a sweet taste owing to its unique harvesting process of growing the plants in a shade, away from the sunlight. Gyokuro comes in two flavors - The Minami that costs about Rs. 10.7 lakh/Kg and the Gyokuro Supreme priced at Rs. 68,000/kg.

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