International Parity at Work Day 2021: All you need to know about drive to eliminate inequality in workplace

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Every year International Parity at Work Day is observed to promote equitable pay regardless of the employee's gender, race, country of origin, or sexual orientation.

It also aims to celebrate such work environments where women are treated equally, without gender bias, and paid the same for the same amount of work as men. In a similar way, the day gives a call to workplaces around the world to combat employment discrimination when it is done based on employees' race, national origin, gender, religion, etc.

International Parity at Work Day 2021: Date and History

The International Parity at Work Day is celebrated annually on 11 January. This year too, the event was observed mainly digitally on Monday.

This global observance was launched in London in 2017. A flagship event was organised at the Leadenhall Building in London, United Kingdom for the same. Prominent advocates of parity at work had held awareness conversations and performances were staged to demonstrate the harm of pay discrimination.

A series of programmes were also conducted by organisations around the world, with inaugural events staged in the United States, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

International Parity at Work Day 2021: Significance

Even though women make up for nearly half the population, gender bias at work keeps them from attaining top administrative positions in an office. Despite their hard work and competency, they are often denied promotions simply because of the privileged notions of those with power.

Similarly, an employee who comes from a different country can be at the receiving end of discrimination based on the prejudices against their country. People of lower castes, different sexual orientations too face a similar threat in the workspace. This is unwarranted as only the ability of an employee should matter regarding their growth at work, as per National Day Archives.

The United Nations, on the other hand, observes the International Equal Pay Day annually to urge everyone to work for equal pay for work of equal value. The day is celebrated on 18 September.

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