International Justice Day: Tibetan activists urge international community to act against China for denying justice to minorities

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People gathered to protest against China on International Justice Day. (Photo/ANI)
People gathered to protest against China on International Justice Day. (Photo/ANI)

Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh) [India], July 18 (ANI): Tibetan activists organised a candlelight vigil in Himachal Pradesh's Dharamshala on International Justice Day and urged international communities to act against China for denying justice to Tibetan, Uyghurs, Mongolian, and Hong Kongers.

A score of people has gathered and appealed to the international community to ensure the effective delivery of justice and redress the grievances of Tibetans and others.

Speaking to ANI on Saturday, Sonam Tsering, the General Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress said: "We have organised a candlelight vigil and seeking international communities to make china accountable for causing so much chaos and denying justice to Tibetan, Uyghurs, Mongolian, Hong Kongers and Taiwanese."

"We are demanding the Chinese government to store the basic human rights and urge international leaders, governments to make China accountable for not only denying justice to the Tibetan and others but also make them accountable for the outbreak of coronavirus by boycotting 2022 Olympic," he said further.

Talking about the CCP centenary anniversary celebration, he said that the celebration is not only a threat to Tibet but also a threat to the security of the world.

A woman student protester told ANI that this is highlighting what is happening actual inside Tibet - human rights violations.

"We all know it has been more than 60 years the situation inside Tibet has only worsened over the past decades and more than 157 Tibetian have self-immolated calling for freedom, calling for the return of his Dalai Lama," She said.

Today in Tibet, the Chinese authorities are gearing up for increased control over Tibetan Buddhism, where monasteries are forbidden to give traditional monastic education which forms an integral part of Tibetan Buddhism.

Monks and nuns are, instead, subjected to regular "patriotic education" and other political campaigns that are fundamentally against the basic tenets of Tibetan Buddhism.

Political indoctrination has replaced Buddhist education in monastic institutions where monks are drawn to serve the interest of the Beijing government and are forced to follow CCP's strict guidelines.

CCP's authorities are empowered with direct supervision over managing and running the monasteries and nunneries, the statement added.

Apart from that, under China's occupation, Tibet's environment has been destroyed, the resources have been illegally mined and transported and the rivers have been polluted. Their occupation has led the Tibetans devoid of their basic rights and the human rights situation inside Tibet continues to deteriorate and worsen each passing year under the Chinese Communist Party's oppressive and repressive hardliner policies. (ANI)

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