International Carrot Day 2020: From Healthy Heart to Good Eyesight, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat This Root Vegetable

Ahmer Shaikh

International Carrot Day is celebrated annually on April 4. This day serves as the pinnacle for carrot lovers all around the world. Carrot Day was founded in 2003 to spread knowledge about the carrot and its good attributes around the world. It is indeed worth to celebrate this day by including carrot in your meal or simply by eating it raw to derive its goodness. On the occasion of International Carrot Day 2020, we will share the health benefits of this root vegetable, which includes boosting heart health to good eyesight. Carrots, Green Peas, Spinach & Other Veggies You Should Eat For Good Health.

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Carrots are a good source of beta carotene which is a natural pigment responsible to make Vitamin A. Apart from this, the root vegetable is loaded with fibre which aids in smooth digestion and also helps to reduce craving. If you are on a weight loss regime, it would definitely be a good idea to include carrots in your diet. Now without further delay, let us have a look at the health benefits of carrots.

Health Benefits of Carrots 

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1. Boost Heart Health - The high fibre content of carrots boosts heart health as it participates in the process of removing excess LDL cholesterol from the walls of arteries and blood vessels.

2. Improves Bowel Movement - As we know that carrots are loaded with dietary fibres and therefore immensely contribute in the smooth functioning of the body system. We must also know that it helps prevent constipation as it makes stool bulky which helps it pass smoothly through the digestive tract.

3. Develops Good Eyesight -Carrots are rich in lutein and lycopene which help maintain good eyesight and night vision. The high amount of vitamin A also helps in the development of good eyesight.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure - We are aware that carrots help in reducing bad LDL cholesterol, but it can also lower blood pressure, due to the presence of potassium. This micronutrient helps relax the tension in blood vessels and arteries, which enhances the blood flow circulation and brings down elevated BP.

5. Enhances Skin Texture - Apart from being loaded with beta carotene, lutein and lycopene, carrot also consist of silicon which promotes healthy skin and nails. Also, carrots are rich in vitamin C which helps in the production of collagen, a protein required to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

In addition, to above health benefits, carrots can also strengthen up your immune system as it is packed with various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as vitamins B6 and K, potassium, phosphorous, etc. On International Carrot Day, 2020, include carrot in your salad plate or simply add it any of your dishes to make your meal highly nutritious.