Interesting ways to give your walls a classy makeover

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Interesting ways to give your walls a classy makeover
Interesting ways to give your walls a classy makeover

30 May 2021: Interesting ways to give your walls a classy makeover

Re-doing the interiors of your entire house is sure to cost a bomb. But that should not restrict you from giving it a classy makeover. An easier way to transform your home on a shoestring budget is by giving the walls a makeover. There are several ways in which you can unleash your creativity and this listicle is a simple start to it.

Paint, wallpaper: Paint your wall or invest in a wallpaper

Painting the walls is one of the easiest ways to transform the entire room. Choosing a bright pop of color will also help elevate the look. But if you're on the lazy end and too tired to pick the paintbrush, a colorful wallpaper will also do the trick. Further, wallpapers are removable, making them a better option for rented homes.

Frame photos: Customize your own gallery wall by framing photos

Customizing the walls need not cost a bomb and there are easy DIY hacks that can help you in giving them a makeover. One such method is to cut out enticing and eye-catchy pictures from old calendars and newspapers and frame them. Feel free to get creative and choose photos based on any theme such as travel, fashion, or inspiring quotes.

Mirror: Experiment with mirrors to add definition to the wall

Mirrors are a classy way to add definition to your walls. The traditional method of hanging a mirror at the center of the wall is no longer in vogue and experimenting with sizes and designs is the right way to go about it. You can either opt for a single mirror on one wall or liven up the space using a group of mirrors.

Lights: Lights help in elevating the ambience

Statement LED lights are a great way to add a decorative accent and remodel the wall. Highlighting an art piece or a beautiful photo using focus lights also helps in bringing in a sophisticated look. If festivals are around the corner, you may want to amp up your space by investing in decorative lights to bring in the feels.

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