Interest to take part in Futsal Certificate Courses is laudable: Savio Medeira

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New Delhi [India], November 20 (ANI): The third online Futsal Introductory Certificate Course, organised by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), is all set to kick off on Friday.

Joshua Stan Vaz and Shailesh Kerkera will be the lead instructors for the three-day virtual course, which will continue till Sunday, November 22.

Savio Medeira, Head of Coach Education, AIFF, mentioned that the response around the Futsal Certificate Courses is 'laudable' and informed that 150-odd applicants have shown interest to take part as Indian football moves forward together.

"The interest to take part in the courses is laudable. We have received more than 150 applications for the course. Because of the high demand, we are contemplating organising more such courses in the future," the former Blue Tigers head coach said.

"We realise that interest in Futsal in our country is increasing manifold. I strongly feel it will increase more in the future, given the talent we have in our country," he continued.

60 participants will take part in the virtual sessions where different aspects of the rules of Futsal, AFC coaching courses, the curriculum, Laws of the Game, etc will be discussed.

Medeira feels that given the fast nature of Futsal, it is an 'exciting version' of football which will, in turn, make a player 'more comfortable on the ball' and help to improve further.

"Given the features like shorter duration, fast pace, more actions, and more goals, Futsal is a more exciting version of the game. If one starts with Futsal and then moves to football, he/she will become more comfortable on the ball and quicker in decision-making. We have a lot of examples where a player, who started with Futsal, made it to the top eventually," he said. (ANI)