Interactive: Crack the Easter Eggs to Predict MCD Election Results

Celebrate Easter by cracking a few virtual eggs, and predict the MCD election results.

With Easter almost upon us, everybody’s looking for Easter eggs. After all, who doesn’t need a little surprise, and a turn of fate?

And this includes the candidates in the fray for the upcoming MCD elections, who are also ‘egging’ their supporters to go out an vote. But what ‘eggs-actly’ is going to happen in the polls?

Here is a fun interactive to predict the results. Click to crack the mystery!

The ‘Eggs-tatic’ Lot

Hatching a Plan

Egg-nored Again?

Scrambled Promises

The Routine Eggs-ercise

Have more predictions to share? Post your comments below!

Developer: Shahadat Hussain
Creative Inputs: Jaivardhan Singh Channey