An Integrative And Functional Doc Explains Her Philosophy On Health And Wellness!

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Dr Bindiya Gandhi is double boarded by the American Board
Family Medicine as well as the American Board of Integrative and
Holistic Physicians, She’s also a certified yoga instructor and reiki master let’s ask her few questions!

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1.)Why did you choose to be a functional medicine doctor?
I am very passionate about medicine and helping people but I
knew there was more to medicine than conventional medicine that is when I learned about integrative & functional medicine. I
wanted to be able to provide other alternatives to patients and dig deeper than just prescribe medications. Also dealing with my own
personal medical issues over the year pushed me into this newer world of medicine.

2.) How is your practice different than other doctors?
I spend more time with patients. My job is to get to the root cause of medical problems. I don't just prescribe medication. I take a dynamic approach and incorporate nutrition, exercise, meditation, spirituality, energy medicine, herbs, supplements and more so patients can get the optimal results.

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3.) Have you had any major failures? How did you recover and learn from it?
Sometimes I feel like a failure as a business owner. Starting my
own business from scratch has been hard but I remind myself
why I am doing what I"m doing and I continue to push through and break all the boundaries for my patients and for the greater
purpose. I have had to make a lot of sacrifices and put in a lot of
work into my practice and I know as long as I continue to pursue
my passion and mission from the goodness of my heart, all will
work out!

4.) What are your major achievements?
That's a great question, I would honestly say to this day my two beautiful healthy babies are my greatest achievements. There was a time when I didn't even think I could pregnant and that I could even be a mother. So being a mother to two beautiful healthy girls makes me proud and grateful.

5.) What is your philosophy on health?
I absolutely love educating my patients. Not only do I spend a lot
of time educating them about their symptoms, conditions as well
as treatment plans, but I love empowering them and inspiring
them to do better so they can be healthier and in turn, fulfil their
life’s mission and purpose.

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