Hey Hyderabad Police, Instead of Advising Us on How Not to Get Raped, How About Telling Men Not to Rape


What to do if you cannot protect women from rape and violence? Just lock them up at home.

The recent brutal rape and murder of a 26-year-old veterinarian in Hyderabad has sent politicians scrambling to show off their preparedness in dealing with such incidents. And one of the first responses from Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao was to impose an 8 pm curfew on women employees of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation and prohibiting them from working night shifts.

The response came three days after the crime at an RTC meeting in the state.

Meanwhile, seemingly taking a cue from the CM's words, Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar issued a 14-point "advisory" for women in case they are out at night. The advisory includes some truly bizarre pointers to help women prevent their own rape.

  • Always inform family/friends of where you are going and when you will return.

  • Incidentally, over 93 percent of the accused in rape cases reported in India this year were persons known to the victim. These include family and friends.

  • Share live locations and images of license plates when riding public transport.In this case, the woman had been traveling on her own Scooty which had to be parked at the toll booth and it was a route she regularly took.

  • Always wait in crowded and illuminated areas and not isolated places. Never hesitate to signal to police officers or vehicles.

  • Like it is possible for women to predict if every street light and CCTV camera works (or has even been installed), and every corner of every road is always milling with life-saving crowds. Also, women would probably love to call out to patrolling policemen when they are in trouble. If only there were enough of them.

  • If no body is around, walk to the nearest shop and stand close to it so that you can be spotted by moving traffic.

  • No shops = no safety. No traffic = no safety.

  •  Always be ready to dial 100.

  • If your phone is out of juice, your bad. Should have charged before leaving work. No phone = no safety. (Hey, where are those patrolling police officers in the Blue Colts I'm supposed to signal to?)

  • Download Hawkeye and keep the location service on at all times.

  • Because let's hope technology can provide us the safety that the ever-patrolling police is unable to ensure. Also, if you have no smartphone or don't know how to play the internet and location services, well, no safety.

  •  In case of trouble, seek help from passengers.

  • In the 2012 Kolkata rape case, the victim was raped by her co-passengers in a car driven by four men who offered her a life home at night but ended up gang-raping her. Several ministers at the time claimed it was her fault that she got raped because she sought help from strangers at night.

  • If there are no passengers to pester, fake a call. Scream and shout.

  • Yes, fake a call and pretend to talk to a relative who is also a police official. Loudly share details of your location with said imaginary officer. According to Hyderabad Police, this will scare the potential rapist. If nothing works, just scream for help and hope for a miracle.

    The safety tips have irked many.

    SHE was doing everything by the book. Everything we consider "safe" and "acceptable". It wasn't "too late" in the night. SHE was dressed ''decently". SHE was not "drunk". SHE didn't get into a "fight". @hydcitypolice. It's the police force that needs some training and advisories

    — Shailaja Tripathi (@ShailajaTripat3) December 2, 2019

    Hyderabad police issues advisory to all women.???..wtf. Why only Women... even bloody Men & Boys should:

    1. Inform family/friends about their dirty intentions.

    2. Share the location where their mind gets corrupted with dirty thoughts.

    3. Keep away from possible easy rape victims.

    — HeyGuru (@HoJaShuru) December 2, 2019

    Ironically, the victim's family says that when they approached police to report her missing some hours before the victim's body was found, cops did not begin investigation and the family allege police negligence was also the cause of the victim's death.