Instagram reportedly testing out new feature to let users recover hacked accounts

tech2 News Staff

If your Instagram account had been hacked and you want to regain access to it, then there is some good news for you. As per a new report, Instagram is currently testing a new feature that will help users reaccess hacked accounts.



The report by Motherboard says that Instagram is rolling out a test that will ask users to enter the email address or phone number linked to their account. Then Instagram will send you a six-digit authentication code to the registered email or phone number which will give you access, quite like two-factor authentication.

But what happens if the hacker has control of both your authentication email or phone number. An Instagram spokesperson told Motherboard that  "When you regain access to your account, we will take additional measures to ensure a hacker cannot use codes sent to your email address [or] phone number to access your account from a different device."

This new feature being tested out by Instagram will also protect people whose usernames were changed. To that effect, Android already has a feature which blocks anyone from using your username for a period of time even if any account changes are made. This feature is also coming to iOS soon.

Popular Instagram handles are often attacked by hackers and held ransom for money or sold in underground black markets for nearly tens of thousands of dollars.

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