Instagram Reels' latest feature called Remix mimics Duets from TikTok

Chandraveer Mathur
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Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

01 Apr 2021: Instagram Reels' latest feature called Remix mimics Duets from TikTok

It's no secret that Instagram Reels is Facebook's version of TikTok. And, now Instagram's new Remix feature announced yesterday mimics TikTok's Duet feature.

Remix will allow users to share their own Reel alongside another user's Reel video. By default, all new Reel uploads can be added to Remix. The feature can be switched on for older Reels via the hamburger menu on each video.

What’s the use?: TikTok Duets were used to collaboratively create short videos

On TikTok, people used the Duet feature to remotely collaborate on short videos, react to others' videos, recreate viral internet trends, or just sing songs in a duet.

Instagram will reportedly incorporate a set of editing tools with the Remix feature. This will give it a slight competitive advantage over other TikTok knockoffs including YouTube's Shorts and Snapchat's Spotlight.

Social media elements: Snapchat's Duets clone also named Remix is in the works

Reports suggest that Instagram has been testing out the Remix feature, so some users might already have access to it.

Even popular multimedia messaging service and Instagram rival, Snapchat has a TikTok Duets clone in the pipeline which is also named Remix, much like Instagram.

Nomenclature aside, Duets helps TikTok feel more like a social media platform than a passive short-video consumption app.

How to use: Remix for Reels fairly intuitive to use, packs editing options

To use the new Remix feature, tap on the hamburger menu (three dots) for any Reel and select the Remix This Reel option.

The screen will then display the selected Reel alongside a space where you can record your own Reel.

Once done recording, users can tweak the volume of the original Reel and the recorded video, besides other edits.

How to access: Remixes of one's Reels will be visible under Activity tab

Remixes uploaded by a user will appear under the Reels tab on their profile. Users will be able to track Remixes of their Reels through the Activity tab on the Instagram app.

Instagram said that the feature has started rolling out. By default, all new Reels published from public accounts can be Remixed.