Instagram’s famous Monte Neme lake turns out to be toxic dump

The lake got its blue from chemical contamination, while the visitors who got close to the water paid the price with their health. (Source: izzyandtai/Instagram)

Several Instagrammers fell ill after taking a dip in the pristine-looking Monte Nemo lake in the northwestern coastal region of Carballo, Spain. Tourists who were turning up in droves to pose with the turquoise lake complained of damage to the skin and digestive system.

The lake got its blue tinge from chemical contamination and is considered to be a toxic dump. According to The Telegraph, Monte Neme is the remains of a Second World War-era tungsten mine and the azure hue of the water is the result of chemical contamination. Dubbed the ‘Galician Chernobyl’, it has proved hazardous to those who have swum in it.

People who have taken a swim in the contaminated lake have suffered vomiting and rashes that persisted for weeks.

An unnamed user on Instagram said that she was very irritated to suffer vomiting and skin rash after taking a swim in the lake, as she didn’t realise that the very pretty Instagram fame waters could turn out to be so harmful to her.

Brief exposure will most likely cause eye and skin irritation but a long time in the water and digestion of the toxins could cause stomach problems, vomiting and diarrhoea, Manuel Ferreiro, a doctor at University Hospital of Coru a, told the local news.