Instagram Bloggers Are Recycling Their Christmas Trees Into Valentine's Day Versions

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There are certain Valentine’s Day fans who have found an innovative way of reusing their Christmas trees for the festival dedicated to love. They are transforming their Christmas trees by adorning them with various blush-hued and rosy embellishments for February 14.

According to a report in The Daily Mail, this new trend is currently trending on social media, with the hashtag #ValentinesTree having reaped more than two thousand posts on Instagram.

Instagrammers have posted pictures of their Valentine Tree developments as they decorate their conifers with all the romantic baubles they can get their hands on for the season of love.

Some of the predominant photos under the #ValentinesTree were fashioned by an Insta user, Jennifer Houghton.

Jennifer has inspired fans by posting pictures of her decked up Valentine Tree with peach blooms, cushioned hearts, pastel, and pink trimmings.

Following this, she posted a time-lapse video showing how she transitioned her entire home’s Christmas décor into Valentine’s.

Another user with the handle @aakaybee used teddy bears, candy feathers, pink and red hearts of all sizes.

Similarly, @shabbynvintagenchic also joined the rage by revamping her Christmas tree with love messages and rose petal pink florals.

Insta user @mrs.osterglam engaged her followers with her tree makeover which had red ribbons, heart wreaths, and decorative lights.