Inspired by South Korean app, Pune launches web portal to bring 6,000 under self-quarantine

Atikh Rashid
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With malls, cinema halls, etc. shut, Pune wears a deserted look on Sunday.( Express photo: Ashish Kale)

The Pune district administration on Sunday launched a web-portal for health authorities to supervise people under home-quarantine. The portal, will require residents to create an account with their mobile number and submit, every 12 hours, details of their travel history, health observations and precautions they are taking.

“The portal is based on a cellphone app in South Korea, which monitors people who are under home-isolation. With the app, people who are ordered not to leave home can stay in contact with health officials and report their progress,” said Ayush Prasad, chief executive officer, Pune Zilla Parishad, who took the initiative to create the portal for Pune district -- which so far has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state. "The portal will help us get information about people who had travelled abroad and have put themselves in self-quarantine. The local quarantine officer will also be able to access the data uploaded at 12-hour intervals. South Korea used such a system to put millions of people under self-quarantine -- we aim to have at least 6,000 people," he added.

The portal can accommodate at least 6,000 people and will generate data that will automatically be fed into the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) and used by local health officers.

Each person has to provide information pertaining to travel history, details of the symptoms like sore throat, sneezing, fever, chest discomfort and information about the doctor they are consulting.