Inspired and How: Newborns in Andhra Pradesh Named Corona Kumar, Corona Kumari

Hyderabad: Two newborn babies in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh have been named after the novel coronavirus even as the country has been waging a battle amid the nationwide lockdown caused by the virus.

The babies, born to two women in Vempalli in Kadapa, were named Corona Kumar and Corona Kumari by the attending doctor who performed a C-section on both the mothers, identified as Ramadevi and Shasikala.

The women were admitted to SF Basha Hospital in Vempalli for delivery on April 4.

"Everyone has been talking about the novel coronavirus and I thought this is a good idea to create awareness about the virus. I discussed it with both the families and they agreed to it," said Dr Sheikh Fakair Basha who performed the operation.

Sambayya, the father, said they liked the idea behind the name and so agreed to Dr Basha's suggestion.