Inspired by Guru Nanak's teachings, Amritsar's Khalsa College students stage play at Singhu border

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Students of Amritsar's Khalsa College performing at the Singhu border. (Photo/ANI)
Students of Amritsar's Khalsa College performing at the Singhu border. (Photo/ANI)

By Sahil Pandey

New Delhi [India], December 16 (ANI): Students from the Khalsa College in Amritsar on Wednesday performed a play inspired by Guru Nanak Dev's life called 'Vismaad' at the Singhu border, where farmers have been protesting for several days.

The play talks about the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev and depicts the history of Punjab.

"We are performing the Vismaad play. All students are from Khalsa College Amritsar. it has been directed by Emmanuel Singh and written by Professor Divender Singh," Samreet, Assistant professor from the College told ANI.

Talking about the importance of the play in the farmers' movement, she said, "We have been seeing the agitation on TV but now we are a part of the movement."

"People have turned this protest space into an art gallery. So many artists have come here today and we are having a cultural performance. The play talks about the history of Punjab. We have come with a troupe of 50 people along with a revolving stage," said Vicky Maheshwari who is part of the People's Theatre Association and a member of the AIKS (All India Kisan Sabha).

The play will be performed at the Tikri Border on Thursday as well.

Talking about the aim of the play, Vicky said, "The main aim of the play is to give a message to stop exploitation, which was taught by Gurunanak Dev ji and Bhagat Singh."

Describing the protest site at Singhu border as an art gallery, Vicky also talked about the significance of artists in the agitation saying, "When we look at the history of political movements we see that art has a prominent role to play. Everything we do gives it a boost. The medium of art is to build a political narrative and to make it more clear to the people."

The 21st day of the farmers' ongoing protest demanding the repeal of the farm laws saw a crucial development today with the Supreme Court indicating that it may form a committee to resolve the deadlock.

The previous five rounds of talks between the central government and representatives of 40 farmer unions remained inconclusive.

Farmers have said that the protest will continue until their demands are met and the laws are scrapped. Many fear that the new laws will dismantle the minimum support price (MSP) system and corporatize farming. (ANI)