Insect Found in McDonald's Burger! Delhi Man to Get Rs 70,000 Compensation 5 Years Later

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He called for a McAloo Tikki burger along with other food items. But when he took a bite of the burger, he saw an insect inside.

Finding an insect in your meal would be the most unpleasant thing for anyone. But it has turned into a pleasant one for a man in Delhi five years later! A Delhi man who had got an insect in his McDonald's burger will now get Rs 70,000 as compensation years later. The Delhi consumer redressal commission has asked the fast food company to pay the customer named Sandeep Saxena who had ate at a McDonald's outlet in GIP Mall in Noida. Insect Found in IRCTC Meal Box! Woman Gets Rs 10,000 From Indian Railways as Compensation Two Years Later.

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The incident took place on July 10, 2014, when Sandeep Saxena a resident of East Delhi visited the McDonald's joint in Noida. He called for a McAloo Tikki burger along with other food items. But when he took a bite of the burger, he saw an insect inside. He removed the bun and confirmed there was actually an insect within. He fell terribly sick realising what he just ate. When he could not stop vomiting, he approached the outlet's manager. He complained that he saw an insect which resembled "an ant, a mosquito or a cockroach".

As per the reports in TOI he had called the police and also the district magistrate's office. The burger was sent for testing and it was confirmed by the office of Food Safety and Medicine Administration as 'unsafe.' The reports also confirmed that there indeed was an insect inside. But the news report also mentioned that there was no complaint or notice from the food inspector to the outlet. Man Finds Dead Cockroach in Zomato Meal, Customer Care Executive Tries to Crack Joke, Makes Things Worse.

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But now the district forum has ordered the company the complainant Rs 895 for the treatment, Rs 50,000 for the mental agony caused to him and Rs 20,000 as the cost of litigation. They have to pay him within 60 days of the receipt of the order. Any delay in compliance, McDonald's will have to pay 9 per cent interest on the compensation amount to the complainant.