Innovation Jockeys Season 2 Winners!

Innovation Jockeys Inspiration

J Nishanth from Sona College of Technology, Salem knew the Automatic Electric Shock Tripper he had created was something special but that his innovation would win him the title of this year’s winning Innovation Jockey is a fact that has yet to sink in. 

“I am extremely happy. I knew I stood a good chance, but to be the winner from all over India, I still can’t believe that” said an ecstatic Nishanth.

Launched in May 2013, Innovation Jockeys Season 2 was a quest to find ‘India’s Most Innovative Minds across Campuses’. 

The bar was set high this year as the challenge to participants was to ‘Innovate to change the way sectors of Retail, Finance and Public Services operate with the help of technology drivers such as Mobility, Social Media and Analytics.’ 

The Jury panel brought together leading minds in business and technology and included:

Suhas Gopinath, CEO and President of Globals Inc, 

Hari Vasudev, Vice-President and Head of Yahoo! India R&D, 

Jayant Swamy, Lead, Architecture and Development Platform, Accenture Delivery Centers for Technology in India and, 

Jeyandran Venugopal, Senior Director of Engineering at Yahoo! India R&D.

An astounding 4400 entries flooded in from over 300 colleges across India, showcasing Innovation Jockeys’ growing reach as a platform for young innovators.

From the participants, 10 promising teams and individuals were chosen for the shortlist and they had to convince the Jury that their innovations were viable through live presentations. Needless to say, the Jury was impressed.

The process culminated in a glittering award ceremony at the Marriott, Bangalore where J Nishanth was crowned the Grand Prize winner, earning him the opportunity to fly to Silicon Valley and experience cutting-edge innovation first-hand at Accenture Technology Labs. 

Bhargav Sridhar from NCET, VTU, Bangalore won the prize for the ‘Best Innovation in the Retail category’ for his ‘Automated Intelligent Shopping Cart’ - an innovation that he christened KART.

Swapnil Kokate, Dr. Shital Munde, Vaibhav Tidke and Dr. Shital Somani of Team Caremother from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai won the award for the ‘Best Innovation in Public Services category’ for creating a ‘Mobile Pregnancy Care’ portable kit. 

Special Jury Awards were given out to to Udhay Shankar of PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore for creating a motion control based wheelchair named CHILD; and to Rohit Sadaphal of TERI, Delhi for showcasing how construction waste can be converted into structural elements for low-cost housing. 

Commenting on this year’s Innovation Jockeys, Jayant Swamy, Lead, Architecture and Development Platform at Accenture India, summed up this year’s Innovation Jockeys: “We tried to confine them to a criterion, but they pushed boundaries and went out of the box to surprise us.”

You can watch the entire Innovation Jockeys Season 2 Awards Ceremony here.